Thursday 11 February 2021

Love is In The Air


फिर मूरत से बाहर आ कर चारों ओर बिखर जा
फ़िर मंदिर को कोई मीरा दिवानी दे मौला
It is only in the mysterious equation of love that 2+2 = 5. It is only in the mysterious equations of love, that a Bougainvillea flower falls on top of another plant and looks like a child cradled by a mother. It is only in love that Divinity steps out of the idols, and bursts through every leaf, every flower, every particle of the soil that nurtures and holds creation.
Earth revealed to me, its love today. The love with which it allows itself to be rapaciously exploited. The love that manifests as its forgiveness, while we dig it, toil it, suck it dry of its oil, plunder its minerals, loot its nutrients. 
In that moment, I vicariously experienced the love of a farmer for her land. The love my mother experiences, which she may not put in these words, when she grows small plants.

Leaves whispered to me today. They told me why they consume the Carbon-di-oxide and pour out oxygen. They told me they love us. They asked me to share a message with those who would listen! 'Love us back, if you can',  they said.

Water sang to me today. 'Nurture yourself with me,' it said. 'Let me flow through your veins. Make me inseparably yours. Pour me out in tears of joy, bliss, connect, even sorrow if that is what you need. Flow with me. Be me.' I am yet to meet a more passionate lover.

Air caressed my skin, and ruffled my hair in the morning. Slowly, gently, like a lover would caress my soul. It filled my lungs, it brought me alive. With the fire of the sun. 
They set me ablaze, the greens, the reds, the yellows. They brought me alive. They loved me even when they were dead, when they dropped off the branch. I experienced pure love today. Gratitude!
©  Anupama Garg 2021

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