Wednesday 1 April 2015

A bottle full of many a contradiction

I want you, craving for you,
but I will not have sex with you.
I've never felt that it's equal to making love with you.\

My heart makes love,
my body craves for sex,
my mind desires the entire gamut of socio-cultural action.

My soul however,
wonders with awe,
at this wiered concoction.

I want money,
but not at your cost,
nor at anyone else's.
I want my my money.

What would you think if I said,
I want only the hard earned baubles,
would you really get it from there honey??

Entrapped and yet free
seeking absolute
I'm a genie,
in anticipation.

I'm a genie,
trapped in a bottle,
a bottle full of many a contradiction.

©Anupama Garg 2015 March


  1. Nice, i see you writing a fifty shades of grey kind of novel. You should really work at it,

  2. Very very well written. :)


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