Saturday 14 February 2015

All that I want to write about myself

Ok, so I have finally decided that I do need to write more frequently and more regularly. How and what to write is something I'm still not sure about. But then memes are always a good way to begin writing anything that you want to know more.

And at this moment I want to know more about myself. I am going to explore myself and write more about me, irrespective of the fact that some people might think of myself as narcissistic. So the following are a few Memes I'll write :

  1. 10 things I like / love
  2. 10 things I totally dislike
  3. 10 books that changed my life
  4. 10 people who influenced my life deeply
  5. 10 movies I totally loved
  6. 10 songs that moved me
  7. 10 hobbies I have so far indulged in
  8. 10 dilemmas of my life
  9. 10 things people do not understand about me
  10. 10 most obvious facts about me
  11. 10 things very few people know about me (very few close people)
  12. 10 things I crave for but won't have in most likelihood
  13. 10 'never say nevers' of my life
  14. 10 things I love in myself
  15. 10 things people say they love in me
  16. 10 things I would like to change in my life
  17. 10 things I wish had never discovered.
  18. 10 houses I've lived in
  19. 10 strongly positive memories in my life
  20. 10 strongly negative memories in my life
  21. 10 people I worked with and still remember
  22. 10 reasons why I write
  23. 10 Reasons I haven't been home in last 2 years
  24. 10 reasons I am who I am
  25. 10 things I love about my current job
  26. 10 things I do not love about my current job
  27. 10 things I'd like to change in the world
  28. 10 wishes if I were granted
  29. 10 things I'd pray for
  30. 10 friends who became extended family
  31. 10 lessons I learnt the hard way
  32. 10 ways I tested my parents' patience
  33. 10 sacrifices my parents and siblings made for me
  34. 10 actions I wish I had never done
  35. 10 people I'd like to say a sorry to
  36. 10 blessings I've counted 
  37. 10 people I'd like to say a thank you to
  38. 10 things I'm scared of
  39. 10 experiences that changed me deeper than I knew
  40. 10 Things I would never want to change in my life.

And then I'm sure you'll come up with more suggestions.

For now, stay tuned.... for I'm posting this while I am on a self-destructively workoholic trip.

©Anupama Garg 2015 February