Thursday 14 April 2016

Writing Update

Hello Lovely People! I know I've been away for long now and a big warm thank you to all of you , who read my posts, waited around for me to write again.

I've been very caught up with a new work situation, travel, home, family, festival, my book writing and much more.

I'm yet to give you part 3 of the Uber Exchange program.

But I've also been writing a wee bit on Linkedin. Here are the links:

Lessons Taken and Discarded
The power of 120 seconds - Pitch off your ideas
Explain to me like I'm a four year old - My acid test for recruitment 

I've also been working on a few poems, a few audio scripts, a few books and soon I should have loads to share. Till then, please watch this space !

Lots of love.

©Anupama Garg 2016 April