Tuesday 9 February 2021

Ja tujhe ishq ho - जा तुझे इश्क हो

 It is not about who she is with. It is about who she is, when she is with you. Does it mean that you be deceived by appearances? No, it means that you see if she is honest, intense, compassionate, communicative with you. If she is, chances are that she is like this with everyone. Now, THAT is a good thing. That is actually a GREAT thing.

The question is are you able to accept her for this? Are you able to share her with her past lovers? With the ones who will come in future? Will you be able to accept that you may need to call her ex husband up when she is sick? Because he is still her emergency contact?

Will he be able to understand that she may have moved on, but that she still holds him dear. Even when they may be not co-parenting?

You see? Petty men and women all around the world, try to control, try to own, try to possess. When you are being petty, you dampen her spirit, to the detriment of her shining core. And then you hope for her to stay back. Oh your audacity!

Then there are the other kind of people. People who empower. People who encourage, people who enable, people who burn so bright that their light enables others to shine. Women and men who have goosebumps when they talk, a frisson down their spine when they sing, tears brimming of joy as much as of sorrow. People who are alive, people who are on fire!

More often than not, you will be the best lover you shall find. You will be the one who will accept that your Ex is still an emergency contact and that you are his. You will be the one aware that it is OK to step back, let friends and family shine. It is OK to let go. It is OK to be single and love, instead of crying to be loved.

It is said, that when Baba Fareed used to bless someone, he's say - " जा तुझे इश्क हो (may you be in love)"

If you're truly in love, it most likely will not be with a person. If you're in love, truly, deeply, intensely, it will be with the whole existence. When you're in love, truly, deeply, madly, you will be on fire! You will be alive! The question is - will this scare you?

Love can be intimidating. Intimacy takes a lot of courage. Intensity can be scary. Burning is a joy few understand. Pain a sensation, fewer enjoy, or even understand. However, at any given point, either you can embrace, or you can hide. You must choose! May you choose love <3  <3

© Anupama Garg 2021

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  1. “..it most likely will not be with a person” - Likely love in this world is unlikely
    May love be in you ,only then
    May you be in love


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