Thursday 18 March 2021

I love you


1. I love you for as long as you want me to. You tell me enough number of times, to go away, eventually I will.
2. I love you enough to trust you with my life. You take mine, I will bounce back. You try an attempt at another's, I will leave.
3. I love you and I will be around for you, till I can. There might come a day when I might fall. I will tell you.
4. I love you even when we part, but I won't say it, I won't consciously work on it. I then will love you only as I love 7.5 Bn other people.
5. I love you despite my insecurity, despite your ego, despite my anger, despite your bullying. However, I love you enough to leave you alone as a grown adult to learn from your own mistakes.
6. I love you despite the shit, and unless you're sick, I will clean mine, and you will clean yours.
Despite all this, and then some more, I will keep saying to this universe, out aloud... I love you!

© Anupama 2021 March

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