Thursday 19 March 2015

Ceramic mended with gold - The Kintsugi of your soul

So finally I managed to write it, thanks to a friend who posted it on facebook as his status. The Japanese art of mending broken pots and bowls with gold is a symbolic representation of people who mend their lives after bring broken to pieces.

The most skillful master is the one who can join the finest shards with perfection. And how true that is! The wisest of the people is one who can rise as a phoenix from ashes, wear the scars as badges of honor and trust me, I could think of endless other similes.

But the question, I want to really share and ponder upon with you, is the why?

Why should there be a need to mend yourself, why should there be a need to even feel broken? Why should there be a need to break for anyone.

And then I think of the reason. What needs to be done is just be.

Kinstugi - the art that makes even scars precious and beautiful

Being broken is a part of surviving. Being able to mend the broken self is a part of being alive. But being mend clay with gold is moving towards immortality. Slowly, steadily, but consistently....

©Anupama Garg 2015 March

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  1. I really loved much has been much synonymous to my life....


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