Monday 17 November 2014

To be or not to be !

Hi ! I am Anupama!

This is my usual introduction. But the obvious question is  - Anupama who? Anupama Garg?

The daughter of my parents and the sister of my brothers? Or the professional who works at an X designation with Company Y?

Who exactly am I?

No, my friends. To those,of you who know of my philosophical inclinations,  no I am not trying to answer an existential question here. I am simply trying to discover all those facets in my personality that you have discovered in me, that I have discovered in myself and that are yet to be discovered.

Am I the poetess yet to be published? Am I the woman who lives to write and writes to live? Am I the professional who does almost everything else for living apart from what I do to live?

I am all of these and yet none of them. And I wonder what else is there for me to figure out? A lot of it apparently. My ticks, my turn offs, my preferences, my thought process, my likes, dislikes, pet peeves and what not.

Some of you don't know me yet, might think of this as a narcissist trying to get some attention, but trust me, I'm not.

The reason why I started this blog is to trace my journey and share it with everyone whom I know (or don't) and who is interested in this journey.

The reason is (as some of you know), that when I look deep inside me, I also know you and when I know you, I also discover myself. If I am the Brahman (Aham Brahmasmi) and if this is true for every existing soul, then you're Brahman too. QED.

The reason to explore however, is that I want find the purpose of my existence, the purpose that constantly changes. The purpose that is always the elusive truth.

And if at all I succeed in finding that purpose, I'd then like to embark on the journey with you, to decide whether or not I should be the object to fulfill that purpose.

I know I will continue getting your help, your unconditional love, support and affection as I always have; in this journey where I will hopefully be able to decide...."To be or not to be"

© Anupama Garg

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