Tuesday 18 November 2014


This poem was written when a friend gave me a challenge to write on paapad one of these days when we were playing poetry extempore together. We enjoyed it, because we both are from the same community and have similar ways of eating paapads. I guess some of you will surely enjoy it more than others, but I hope more or less all of you will enjoy this short piece :)

Paapad is a type of thin wafer prepared from very tight dough of some pulses, dried and then roasted, or fried. It can also be cooked in various combinations. Depending on the spices, condiments and flavours used, it is found in various versions like marwari paapad, bikaneri paapad, sindhi, punjabi etc.

It's a delicacy that can make you go nom nom any moment.

पापड़ तेरी कथा निराली !

उड़द, मूंग के आटे के,
माँ ने कितनी लोई बट डाली ।

तल के कभी, कभी भूना है,
मिर्च तेल का डोरा भी है।
कभी मूंग का, कभी उड़द का,
कभी चने का भी कोरा है ॥
भुने हुए की और कभी यूँ
मसल मसल चूरी कर डाली ।

खिचड़ी के संग स्वाद बढ़ाये,
और बड़ी संग साग पकाये ।
दाना मेथी संग पाक जाये,
सूखा दारु संग कुछ खाएँ।।
हर सिचुएशन तूने संभाली ।

© Anupama Garg

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