Wednesday 9 June 2021

From Kavi/yitri-priya to privileged poet/esses


Presume not, O Poet!
For the curve of my lips, may not be an invitation,
Instead it might be simply sarcasm.
Presume not, O Man!
For my curves might not be intended to bear your child,
but simply as extra padding to the heat and the cold.
Dare not presume, you naive idjit,
For you do not know what child-birth, or even periods mean,
and you never will, so pray, don't be bold.
Stop glorifying my sex, just like you can stop condemning it.
Stop trying to turn every conversation about me,
into a simple session of mansplaining for your convenience.
You see, my mind isn't designed to be at your service.
It's instead designed to decide for myself. 
Stop assuming my consent,
for you imbecile,
A no isn't an invitation to negotiate.
A no isn't a maybe,
and since you cannot understand this,
go back to the play school, and learn the word again!
A no is a no is a no!
You maybe a great poet/ess,
You may assume and stare,
You may seek attention,
When critiqued, you may cry unfair,
But let me ask you this,
Do I really care?
So next time,
keep mum if you don't know what to say.
It might save you some face,
and not put your bigotry on display.
Anupama - 09.06.2021

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