Tuesday 12 March 2019

Letters of Love 5 - Live the Life You Love

This is a Letter of Love to Myself.

This is my opportunity to remind you that your parents, your siblings, your close family and the best of your friends have always wanted freedom, joy and happiness for you. You have wanted the same for yourself.

You're a brilliant person, a vibrant loving human, a complex puzzle and a simple human. Since the very childhood, you've been a bright spark, a talented speaker, a brilliant student, a poet, a writer, an orator, a singer, a creative hands-on DIYer, and a lot more.

And, you've also been a monster, a cribber, a complainer, a bitch (:D), a whiner, a loser, and / or whatever anyone may have said about you, or you may have said about yourself.

However, over the last few years or so, you've seen the true manifestation of what a human being is all about. You knew it physically first, intuitively next, sexually as well as spiritually around the same time and now you know it intellectually too. You have experienced what it is to think and meditate upon 'Aham Brahmasmi', what is it to get it tattooed on your arm, as well as what it is to experience it first hand.

You've suffered depression, you've experienced intense joy, you've suffered hunger, poverty, insecurity, and also luxury and comfort. You've been through fear, anger, love, insecurity, success, accomplishment and more.

It has been a great life this far and just when you were reaching a bottleneck, the universe opened so much more for you. It has been a life well lived and a life well loved. It has been a life full of people and it will continue to be so.

This letter is as much about what it has been as what it will be about. Life beyond this point will be what it will be. It will be what you manifest, what you create, what you say, it will be. So watch carefully and manifest what you want this life to be.

May this life henceforth continue to be a life that is well lived, a life well loved, a life well fought, a life which throbs with a life of its own. May you experience what being truly alive is, every moment from here.

Most of all, remember...

सुखावसाने इदमेव सारं, दुःखावसाने इदमेव ज्ञेयम्।
देहावसाने इदमेव जाप्यं, गोविन्द दामोदर माधवेति॥

© Anupama 2019


For those of you, who I promised to post your letters, I am sorry I got too tempted to not forget my own feelings for myself, so I ended up writing this, out of turn. The regular flow should start again today.

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