Thursday 9 July 2015

Forever... goodbye

Lion, this is not for you,
you were meant to roar.
Rule the jungle, find your lioness,
and let your dreams together soar.

Dragon, nor is it for you,
you're meant to breathe hot fire.
You already have a dragon heart,
to fulfill every desire.

Bunny, it's not even about you,
you're meant to go around hopping.
To fuck and enjoy,to keep making love,
you're meant to be groped and groping.

This is not for you man either,
you're a rational being, a Dom.
If not for lesser mortals like me,
for higher purposes you were born.

But this is for you my love,
you whom I loved with my heart, blood and soul.
And this is for you my love,
you whose heart is made of gold.

And you too, my long lost love,
you who licked my tears off my cheeks.
And for you, who pecked at my soul,
like a mother hen peaks at her babies' beaks.

This is for you my last love,
you who licked my wounds and pain.
You who left me alone, coz that made sense,
you, for whose leaving, I don't complain.

And for you my broken heart,
who aches with desire,
for the eternal blood sucking vampire.

To you my shattered soul,
as your pieces are played with like balls in golf.
And you my numb body,
as you crave for your werewolf.

And to you who strip your true self bare,
yes you, who crave for that grizzly bear.

It is to you that I say goodbye,
to you whom I don't see eye to eye.

I implore....
... just say goodbye

My wounds ooze and cry..
... please say goodbye

May your dreams soar high.
... good. bye.

To the moon may you fly...
... move on..

Don't worry, let me cry,
you fly, goodbye

Don't worry, if I die,
I love you,

To you my love...
...forever, goodbye.

©Anupama Garg 2015 July

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